When Claudette Hayes passes away, she leaves behind two things:  the legacy of being America’s first female law professor, and a sprawling Charleston mansion sitting on one of the country’s oldest plantations.

Five of her students – now high powered female attorneys – are summoned from the fast lanes of corporate America to the leisurely life of South Carolina to be told, for reasons unknown, that she has bequeathed the property to four of them, with the fifth mysteriously excluded.

Do they determine to sell and split the profits, or keep it in their mentor’s memory?

Soon the old friends become locked in an unholy stalemate, which threatens to tear them apart. Secrets and frailties simmer and rise to the surface, as the old house becomes a battleground.

It falls to their isolated classmate to break the deadlock, discover why she was singled out, and begin to bring back the fun, laughter and love that once defined their relationships.

CAN I BE HONEST? delivers a dying woman’s parting gift: the lesson that these driven, successful women might still have a little to learn from the contradictory, and often wonderfully old fashioned, way of South Carolina life.